Backbeater is the world's most advanced drum metronome.

  • Always Know YOUR Tempo
  • Store Song Tempo Lists
  • Kick Metronome to Your Playing Tempo
  • Adjust Trigger Sensitivity
  • Tap Screen to Measure Tempo
  • Early/Late Phase Indicator

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Drummers Love Backbeater

Seasoned professionals, rock stars, and amateur drummers the world over love this app.

  • "I stumbled across your app... a gift from heaven for drummers." - Neil Conti (David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger)
  • "In the studio, or on stage, I never play without it." - Leo Costa (Everlast, Matisyahu)
  • "I waited my whole career for Backbeater" - Fred Dinkins (Drum Master @ Percussion Institute)
  • "My son didn't practice before he got the backbeater, now he's obsessed" - Damian (drum dad)

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